Handling of complaints

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  1. How to make a complaint

    For us it is important that you as a customer are satisfied with our service and products. If you have a complaint, the simplest way to contact us is by logging into your Internet bank or app and leaving us a message (in the Internet bank, you choose Contact us in the top menu under the speech bubbles/Customer Service, and in the app you will find Customer Service in the top right menu). 

    If you lack personal service via telephone, please dial 0143-75500

    If you are not satisfied with the initial appraisal of your complaint, you can appeal the decision. 

  2. Appeals of complaints

    If you are not satisfied with the decision on your complaint made by us or the branch office and want to have your complaint reappraised, our CEO 

    Describe, preferably in writing, what you feel is wrong and who you have been in touch with regarding your complaint.

    Contact us via letter or e-mail:
    Vadstena Sparbank 


    59223 Vadstena 

    If you are not satisfied with complaints decisions regarding insurance products at Swedbank Insurance: contact Swedbank Försäkring (information in Swedish)

    Swedbank Försäkring, Klagomålsansvarig
    Box 105 34 Stockholm


  3. Dissatisfied with the bank’s final decision

    If, after reappraisal by Vadstena Sparbanks Complaints Officer, you are still not satisfied with the bank’s decision, you may turn to the external alternatives described below. You are also always free to approach these instances after the bank’s first decision.

    If you are a corporate customer, you are limited to the district court for further review.

    Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN)
    Kungsholmstorg 5, Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm, phone 08-508 860 00

    What is ARN? (arn.se)

    The National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) is a public authority whose main task is to impartially and free of charge try disputes between consumers and business operators. The complaint is filed by the consumer and must have been filed at ARN within twelve months after the business operator has rejected the complaint in part or in whole. The bank undertakes to assist the National Board for Consumer Disputes in the Board's settlement of the dispute.

    Consumer guidance
    Consumer guides available in many Swedish municipalities supply free information and advice regarding household economics and legal issues.

    The Swedish Consumers' Banking and Finance Bureau
    Box 24215, 104 51 Stockholm, phone 0200-22 58 00


    An independent agency whose objective is to meet consumers' need for information and advice regarding financial services and support in dealings with finance companies. The agency is in contact with complaint officers at banks and securities institutions.

    District court
    A case can always be referred to a legal review at a district court.

    Information about agreements that you have entered into as a consumer with the bank via online banking or the mobile app
    If you have entered into an agreement with the bank via online banking or the mobile app, and a dispute has occurred that you are unable to resolve with the bank, you can use the EU's Online Dispute Resolution platform (webgate.ec.europa.eu).

    On the form on the online platform, you should use the following e-mail address to the bank: .

    Even if you file your report via the online platform, the matter will be sent to ARN for consideration. You will find more information about online dispute resolution at Konsument Europa (eccsverige.se).

    Information regarding handling of personal data
    If you feel that your rights regarding the handling of your personal data are not being fulfilled, then you have the right to file a complaint. Please submit your complaint in writing to Swedbank’s Data Protection Officer:

    Dataskyddsombud Vadstena Sparbank

    c/o Spartjänster

    Box 1940

    581 18 Linköping

    You also have the opportunity to submit your complaint regarding your personal data to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection, IMY.se if you consider that the treatment of your personal data infringes on your rights and interests according to applicable law.